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Smart Logistics.

Project Solutions

Project schedules are important to us, we tailor our solutions by drawing from our extensive experience across multiple disciplines to ensure our plans remain on schedule.

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Air & Sea Freight

We not only provide specialised intermediary services between our clients and shipping lines and airline companies but ensure that information relating to their freight is continually available and easily accessible on our online systems.

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Tracking of goods

Navitas utilizes specialized tracking technology, to supplement our systems with live and up to date data, continually improving our ability to make informed decisions in delivering high value to our customers.

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Our Target

Navitas plans to ship a total of 1300 containers this year.


We source our wood and process our charcoal on our own farms as well as through exclusive partnerships within Namibia. Our charcoal is made entirely of approved Namibian hardwood species and is processed according to the Namibian Forestry Act. The wood and charcoal are processed under our supervision and delivered to our warehouse in Swakopmund. It is crucial that all processes and procedures adhere to approved practices to ensure the best quality, sustainability and compliance with all regulations.