Buchu Tea Cut

As a herbal remedy forming part of their cultural heritage, buchu was introduced to early colonists by the Khoi people of South Africa.

Buchu soon made its appearance in Europe, where it was officially listed as a medicine in the British Pharmacopoeia in 1821. From there it found its way to the United States, where by the mid-nineteenth century it had become a popular medicine for the treatment of urinary ailments. Not all shipments reached its shores however, with a number of bales of buchu leaf having been listed on the cargo manifest of the RMS Titanic on its final voyage.

Buchu is one of the most important herbal medicines emanating from South Africa. Today it is used worldwide in various forms for the treatment of ailments such as cystitis, prostatitis and arthritis, the treatment of bruises, and as a natural diuretic. Its essential oil has also achieved international usage in the flavour and fragrance industries. It is widely used as a natural flavour enhancer in foods and beverages with a blackcurrant flavour. It is also a commonly used ingredient in perfumery.

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18kg per unit

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Brown Paper Bag

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South Africa


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