Firefly Biofuel

Petroleum Free - No chemicals or black smoke that goes into your food or consumed by the user.

Non-toxic - (Theoretically safe enough to eat as there is no harmful material being used when producing the product. please don’t tastes horrible and it is not designed for human consumption) The FireSpark Jnr is made from Sugar, Sawdust, Recycled Coffee & Vegetable Based Wax - FireSpark Jnr’s are safe for children and pets and eliminates the fear of poisoning when consumed.

No Chemicals transfer when handling the FireSpark Jnr - When handling petroleum fire starters the chemicals remain in your skin and is toxic to the user. Even when washing your hands before handling your food, the toxins remain for a considerable time. The FireSpark Jnr’s eliminate that factor for the user. Ask any fisherman, if you handle petroleum based firelighters the night before and then handle the bait the fish wont bite. Just shows how much actually absorbed into your skin.

Long Burning - The FireSpark Jnr does not flare up and burn out like other petroleum based firelighters.

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18kg per unit

Package Material

Brown Paper Bag

Product Origin

South Africa


Please note that products are only shipped in bulk quantities

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