Sickle Bush

Sekelbos - Sickle Bush Wood (Dichrostachys cinerea)

Local names: Afrikaans (sekelbos); Arabic (hurgam, kaddad, kadada, hurgan, heghem, hegam, um Kedad, kadad); English (sickle bush, marabou thorn, Chinese lantern tree, kalahari Christmas tree, bell mimosa)

The wood is dense, burns slowly with few sparks and emits a non-toxic smoke, making it excellent firewood. Cinerea yields a medium to heavy, durable hardwood with a density of 600-1190 kg/cubic m at 15% mc. Heartwood red or dark purple with darker streaks, sharply differentiated from the yellowish-brown sapwood; grain straight or slightly interlocked; texture rather fine and even. Due to its generally small dimensions, its utilization is limited making such items as walking sticks, handles, spears, and tool handles. Fencing posts are durable and termite resistant, easily lasting up to 50 years.

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10kg or 20kg bags

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